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Cohorts For The Win!

  • Shared Problem

    10-20 mid-sized organizations sharing a common cybersecurity problem. This creates a common incentive and creative environment for collaborative problem-solving. Learn from each other's best practices, successes and failures, trials and errors. 

  • Common Rhythm

    Fixed timeframe orchestrated by intcube avoids typical project lag and drag. This ensures a clear, battle-tested roadmap, efficient progress and timely completion of the shared cybersecurity goals.

  • Build Together

    Motivation and fun through exchange in the group. This collaborative learning environment fosters trust, growth, and innovation. Engage with peers, share insights, and lift each other up to achieve better cybersecurity outcomes as a group.

  • Impact

    No leaving you alone with pure gap analyses, mere status reports, or naked compliance checklists. Our focus is on driving tangible impact and delivering measurable results, together.

  • Benchmarking

    Real insights where you stand and how you are improving. Get a better understanding of your trajectory in comparison with peers and the industry. 

  • Alumni Community

    Stay connected and keep growing together. Join our alumni community to continue learning, networking, and collaborating. Until the next cohort?

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Results from our cohort

  • 19 companies
  • 10 weeks
  • 61% risk reduction
  • 70% cost reduction vs consulting

Unconsulting cybersecurity.
At scale.

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