The Effective Way to Become Cyber-Resilient

Unconsult efficiently with your peers in our unique cohorts. 

Sustainable Success For All


10-20 mid-sized organizations sharing a common cybersecurity problem. This creates a common incentive and creative environment for collaborative problem-solving. Learn from each other's best practices, successes and failures, trials and errors. 


Motivation and fun through exchange in the group. This collaborative learning environment fosters trust, growth, and innovation. Engage with peers, share insights, and lift each other up to achieve better cybersecurity outcomes as a group.


No leaving you alone with pure gap analyses, mere status reports, or naked compliance checklists. Our focus is on driving tangible impact and delivering measurable results, together.


Fixed timeframe orchestrated by intcube avoids typical project lag and drag. This ensures a clear, battle-tested roadmap, efficient progress and timely completion of the shared cybersecurity goals.


Real insights where you stand and how you are improving. Get a better understanding of your trajectory in comparison with peers and the industry. 


Stay connected and keep growing together. Join our alumni community to continue learning, networking, and collaborating. Until the next cohort?

Have you ever felt stuck in analysis and assessments?

Are your projects dragging on and often miss to deliver promised results?

Are you frustrated by paying time & material for preexisting content?

Cohorts may just be what you are looking for.

Combine the advantages of consulting projects, communities and training. Achieve better project results faster. 

In groups of up to 20, all participants work under the guidance of the intcube experts on one issue that affects every participating organization. After ten weeks, each member of the cohort has achieved a measurably positive result for their own organization.  

All interactions take place within the group. This means that all participants benefit from the expertise and input of everyone else. This is not only effective, but also extremely efficient.  

The intcube team provides subject-matter expertise, all the necessary materials, tools, templates and will orchestrate and moderate all work sessions. 

Additionally, we will provide guidance and measure your organization's progress on its journey towards sustainable resilience. 

All cohorts follow the values and principles layed out in the Unconsultancy Manifesto.

How Do Cohorts Work?

Each cohort follows the same established and proven rhythm. This pattern provides the framework for measurable improvement within a fixed time span.

Cohort Lifecycle

What Our Cohort Members Say

  • "Rather than tackling challenges alone, the exchange in the cohort group helped to learn from each other and hear how peers deal with their attack surface management."

    Daniel Hoyer, Lead Corporate IT
  • "The commitment was very helpful for us: due to the cohort's specified duration, we now had to start implementing the processes that we had often talked about but not realized. The cohort gave us exactly the right impetus."

    Sebastian Brugger, Head of Product & Development
  • "What do we need to focus on in the future?" The recommendations in the cohort helped us a lot in answering this question strategically. Staying up to date and being able to rely on the experts' opinions is important, as IT security is evolving rapidly."

    Mark Fischer, CTO

A Real Life Example of A Cohort

Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) cohort focuses on reducing external vulnerabilities in organiziations' infrastructure and applications.

  • 1


    Onboarding into our platform containing an enterprise vulnerability management solution, information & document management as well as asynchronous communication channels.

    Collection of IP adresses, domains, email infrastructure and other relevant technical information.

    Finalization of legal work (multi-way NDAs, scanning permits).

  • 2


    Group kick-off with all participants. Getting to know each other, expectation alignment, modus operandi, trust & confidentiality regime.

    Common goal: No critical true positives open at the end of the cohort.

    Initial scan of external infrastructure by our experts resulted in 16.000 vulnerabilities on 4.800 assets.

  • 3

    Continuous Collaboration

    Continuous scanning and reporting by our experts.

    Weekly group sessions to discuss results, distinguish true/false positives, understand actual risk, assess treatment options and validate successful remediations.

  • 4

    Results Achieved

    After 8 weeks of focused effort, no more critical or high vulnerabilities were open. The participants learned about their medium risk open vulnerabilities, which were partly accepted, partly mitigated. Overall, average cyber risk could be reduced by 60%.

  • 5


    The kick-down was used as a retrospective to celebrate the joint success, collect feedback and gather idear for future improvements.

  • 6

    Alumni Network

    The alumni network enables participants to stay in touch and ask questions on relevant topics. This network empowers ongoing learning and facilitates sustainable development.

Schedule of our upcoming cohorts.

Autumn 2024Sept - Nov

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Secure GenAI PoV
  • NIS 2 Implementation

Winter 2025Jan - Mar

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Secure GenAI PoV
  • NIS 2 Implementation
  • Secure Software Development 1
  • My first year as a CISO 1

Spring 2025May - Jul

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Secure GenAI PoV
  • NIS 2 Implementation
  • Secure Software Development 2
  • My first year as a CISO 2

Unlock These Topics For Your Organization

  • Starting soon

    Attack Surface Management

    Intensity Level: ⭐⭐⭐ 

    Reduce external vulnerabilities by over 60% in just 10 weeks

    In this cohort, you will work hands-on on various aspects to minimize your organization's external attack surface.

    In just a few weeks, we will guide you and other participating companies through the following topics with a comprehensive action:

    • Vulnerability scan 
    • Remediation with step-by-step instructions
    • Darknet check of your organization's identities 
    • E-mail security setup

    Throughout the cohort, our experts are always on hand to provide advice and support.

  • Get a headstart on the CRA

    Secure Software Development

    Intensity Level: ⭐⭐

    Improving your code quality and reduce vulnerabilities in shipped applications.

    You will include good secure software development practises in your application lifecycle. 

    Whether you are a developer, tester, project manager this cohort will bring your software development process up to speed on security:

    • Part 1: Manage your software supply chain with automated SBOMs
    • Part 2: Implement threat modelling, secure coding practises and code analysis procedures to improve the overall code quality
    • Part 3: Organize how reported vulnerabilities are remediated and fixed versions are shipped to your customers.

    Note: This cohort is part of a series. The topics implemented depend on the cohort participants and their goals.

  • Don't miss out

    Secure Generative AI Proof of Value

    Intensity Level: ⭐⭐

    Implement your own secure generative AI model.

    Bring your organization to the next efficiancy level using generative AI in a secure and privacy-preserving way.

    Empower your organization:

    • Identify concrete use cases for the use of AI in your organization and assess them with regard to effort and feasibility.
    • Understand the security and privacy risks involved and how to mitigate them
    • Implement a secure proof-of-value for your organization.
  • Get NIS 2 done

    NIS 2 Implementation

    Intensity Level: ⭐⭐⭐

  • Multipart Series

    My first year as a CISO

    Intensity Level: ⭐

  • Prepare for the worst-case

    Security Crisis Handling & Communication

    Intensity Level: ⭐

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