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We Help Your Mid-Sized Organization / SME Achieve the Right Security Level Fast, Thoroughly, and Cost-Effectively

Developing a cyber security strategy and adapting and managing its implementation within your organization against the ever-changing business, technology and budgetary context requires a clear and broad understanding across multiple domains. Preparing and communicating decisions or presenting cyber security to the board both need a sound information base as well as concise and compelling messaging.

Putting your intention at the core of our advice, we will provide you with the insight needed to take the right decisions with confidence. You can rely on our coaching and guidance to navigate the VUCA world of cyber security. Use us for sparring with yourself and your team or to prepare for decisions at board level.

Interested? Secure your share of our experience with an advisory retainer.

Some examples how we have worked with (groups of) mid-sized organizations or SMEs in the past:

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