We love cooperating with the following fine folks

  • Secfault Security are our go-to friends and partners when it comes to challenges that require technical deep dives of seasoned hacker minds and master tinkerers. We continue to be amazed by their realistic and helpful approaches for (breaking and) fixing things at a deeper level.
  • Autobahn Security is our favorite vulnerability scanning service. Contact us for a test ride.
  • We like and recommend identeco for privacy-first compromised account detection.
  • Code & Co. are the masters of actionable and modern Tech & Product Due Diligence.

What our partners value

“We highly value our partnership with intcube. The intcube team employs a data-driven approach that is strategic and fast, backed by their extensive industry knowledge, deep-tech-expertise and experience. This expertise makes intcube an invaluable partner, significantly contributing to the informed and secure decision-making processes of clients.”

Dan Bender, Founding Partner, Code & Co.
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